Designer: Barbara Babb
Marabese Showroom: Bedford

Luxurious monochromatic hotel look

At Marabese our experienced designers are determined to make the most of any space. This en-suite bathroom is a shining example: Expertly fitted by Lewis Morey with a shower, toilet and extra storage, the room is fully functional without forfeiting style or space. The customer was most pleased with the outcome, saying: ‘I would like to thank you so much for planning and supplying the materials for our en-suite. Lewis has done a fantastic job, I’m so glad you recommended him. Every time my wife walks into the en-suite, she feels like she is in a posh hotel on holiday!’ So how was this luxury hotel effect created?



Wixams bathroom - Marabese design


Even from the outside of the room, the contrast of the stunning white marble Statuario Mercury tiles and the dark Fossil Anthracite tiles can be seen to bring about a stunningly sophisticated feel. The Statuario Mercury is an extremely durable glazed porcelain tile with a realistic marble look which provides pure glamour. The fully rectified tiles need only minimal grout lines, making for a seamless look and creating the illusion of a more expansive space.

The colour scheme of the room is kept simple, with monochromatic black and white shades. The minimalistic style is then topped with subtle reflective chromatic highlights: Even in the images provided you can see the light bouncing from the high-gloss tiles to the heated towel rail, and then against the silver trim of the Qualitex Nouveau Sliding Door shower enclosure. This trim has been cleverly continued throughout the room, highlighting the edges of the walls and softening otherwise harsh corners. These reflective touches feign the idea of a grander space and help to bring about a contemporary style. Spot your reflection throughout the room, and watch it glimmer against every glamorous feature.

Adding to the seamlessness of the en-suite, the same Fossil Anthracite floor tiles have been used on the far wall of the shower. Subtle effects such as this are quintessential of Marabese designs. This particular bathroom was designed from scratch by our experienced designer, Barbara. She says: 'The customer had a small shower 760 x 760cm fitted with an empty void blocked in at the side. We have opened it up to make a nice 1200 x 800cm shower space, expertly fitted by Lewis Morey.'


Wixams bathroom - Marabese design


The shower fitted is the Qualitex Ohio. With a riser rail, handset and hose, the shower stretches perfectly for your convenience and allows for height adjustment to suit both the customer and any guests they may have. The shower features a thermostatic valve that mixes hot and cold water to match your pre-selected temperature, reacting instantly to any changes in the pressure or temperature of the water supply to ensure that your chosen temperature is always met. In a chrome finish, it matches the Qualitex Charlotte tap. Qualitex is a UK-based brand characterised by quality design at an affordable price. This bathroom features a range of Qualitex products, such as the shower enclosure and tray which are situated snugly at the far side of the en-suite. The clear glass of this enclosure is another reflective aspect that aids in opening up the space.

On the other side of the room, we see the Qualitex Oregon WC, which is curved to maintain the soft edges found all over this en-suite. A white storage cupboard has been added just above the toilet, showing how our designer has thought of every possible way to utilise the space. The HiB basin and Gloss Antracite basin unit are curved to match the WC and situated underneath a stunning illuminated Phoenix mirror: This mirror has a touch on/off LED perimeter and could be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

In this bathroom, the mirror has been fitted in portrait orientation, expertly selected to elongate the room and bring about more space and light. The mirror also features a heated demister meaning you can always see yourself, even with the fog that a lovely hot shower brings. It also saves you a bit of cleaning, with no smears left from using your hand to clear the mist!


Wixams bathroom - Marabese design


If you fancy having the luxury of a hotel bathroom at your fingertips, make an appointment with our Design Team at Bedford, Letchworth or Milton Keynes and relax as we design and fit the bathroom of your dreams. At Marabese Ceramics, we offer a complete design and installation service and every care will be put in place to provide you with the bathroom you’ve been looking for!